As known as The Coo Guy, Terrance Anderson is an independent artist born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. He made his mark as a songwriter after creating and sharing renditions on SoundCloud of some of his personally inspiring artists. As he released his latest single titled "Tantra (Remix)," Terrance evolved as an artist," featuring the talented R&B and HipHop Artist Ye Ali. The single incorporated a Dance Hall feel that fans quickly loved due to his melody and memorable lyrics. After outpours of positive responses from his fans/followers, Terrance geared up to excitedly create and release the second installment of his latest project, "IT'S COO," by titling it "IT'S COO TOO" (February 2, 2022).

IT'S COO TOO embodies smooth melodies and a 90s nostalgia that many R&B or POP fans will appreciate due to Terrance Anderson's pure creativity as a gifted songwriter. With IT'S COO TOO, Terrance Anderson aspires to bring his listeners on his musical journey as he establishes his career as a popular artist who creatively uses metaphors and loves to use innuendos, with flirty lyrics and memorable melodies.

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